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Debi is a professional self employed humorous illustrator (aka: cartoonist) and creative writer 
for over 40 years.

In addition to her design work she loves to 
teach cartooning to kids and she has given hundreds of cartooning lessons in libraries, schools and organizations in Connecticut 
and the tri-state area.

One of her goals and her deep passion is to help bring free art lessons to inner city children and kids in crisis.

Debi has created some really fun cartoon series such as, "Midge the Midlife Angel" and Cookie,
along with lots of other fun designs. 

So check out all the creative stuff that Debi 
does but also take a peek at the things she's created on a ton of really cool products.

Ace Of Sales
You Can Draw Funny  Stuff
You Can Draw Funny Stuff
Humorous Illustrations

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